Monday, November 29, 2010

Nothing is more fun than giving presents!

A very worthy lady in Aarnimetsä got elevated to the Order of the Laurel last weekend. Vivat! I wanted to make her a present. My package of silks arrived late, so I had only 9 days to make the pouch I was planning to do. I did it in 8 days! Go me! I must have some super powers.

Here are a couple of pictures. Green, orange, black and yellow silk on linen, gold thread (Not real gold, but very similar to it in feel) couched with red silk, glas beads sewn with white silk. The seams are sewn with waxed white linen thread. Stitches: Split stitch, surface couching, laid work. The braids over the seams (I don't know it's name) and the cords were also made with the same silk threads.

My short visit to Aarnimetsä was wonderfull. I met many dear old friends, and made some new dear friends as well. My luggage was delayed in Amsterdam and it must have crawled through northern Europe to get to me, only four hours before I headed home again. Great. At least I got it quickly out of the plane at home. I had to give my two classes without my notes, but they went quite well anyway.

Ja siellä kaikilla oli niin mukavaa...


  1. THIS may be the most awesome thing ever. Really.
    t. Fanklubisi jäsen Sahra

  2. Mää oon kans sun fani! Tule käymään, täällä olisi useampi, jotka haluaisi oppia neulakinnastamaan.

  3. Sahra is right. And this purse is so beautiful that it might be that I haven't ever seen better!

    t. Faniklubin jäsen nro 2.

  4. Oh my! I'm getting a fan club! Weird. ;-)

  5. From the happy owner of the bag - it is even more perfect in real life. The small pearls on the swan are amazingly neat. :) I surprised to hear you started it only a few days ago.

    Thank you again for the bag and most of all thank you for being there.

  6. Elina: To me you are everything that is peer-like.

  7. I am very happy I got to see this pouch for real! it is truely a masterpiece! You have incredible emkbroidery skills!