Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Renaming the Brown Silk

Here is the first sleeve embroidered. I hereby rename "The Brown Silk" as "The Gold Garb".

I embroidered all the flowers in all of the pieces first, because I'm not sure if I have time to embroider everything in time. Now I do the sleeves first and assemble the garb before embroidering the rest. The garb will not look too incomplete if I do the embroidery symmetricaly. I might not use this at Aarnimetsä Academy though, because I would like to reserve the wow-factor to when it is all done.

Oh. How long will this take? If I work hard and don't do much else, I can embroider a sleeve in two to two and a half days. That means that I'll be doing some embroidery for a long time, even though I know I'm fast.


  1. Thank you. The second sleeve is almost half done already.

  2. Lovely! <3 Embroidery is such hard work. As is beading. I still remember beading the empire line bust part of my own wedding gown with my mom (and mind you, the beading was very moderate) and it took a whole day from the two of us. Can't help but admire those beautiful works of yours. :)

  3. Thank you, Tytti. Embroidery can be a lot of work, but I find it very relaxing. It's like meditation, but you can get a physical product out of it.