Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Christmas present

I wanted to make a christmas present for a friend of mine. He really likes the drum playing skeleton by Hans Holbein (see for example this page, detail in here.), so I embroidered him a needle roll. (He makes awesome garb, by the way.)

Cotton on linen with split stitch and whatever stitch for detail.

The other side, where you keep your needles, is wool, there is a couple of layers of it to make it thicker.

The strings ended up being a little bit too short, but one can still tie it up, so no harm done. He recieved his gift and liked it. And I liked making it. It was a new experience. I've never embroidered line drawings this fine before and the details made it hard to transfer the design on the fabric, but the result looks much better than I had hoped for. This took all together two days to make.


  1. It looks excellent! But does the original skeleton smile that much?

  2. Fanny: Thanks!

    Emmuzka: Thank you. Take a look at the original behind the link in the post. It is a happy skeleton, that one.

    Well, perhaps the original is more grinning than smiling.