Monday, April 26, 2010

Drachenwald Kingdom Wall Hanging Vol VI

And here we are. With the sixth one. This time the Kingdom coat of arms, twice the size of the previous ones, so I was able to play a little with the details.

Here we go, first step: Transfer the picture on the fabric.

The next step: Embroider the thing.

Step three: Try not to think of the other side.

The stretching of the fabric made the picture bigger than what I had drawn, hence the black stripes outside of the embroidery. I'll take a break with the wall hanging project and do some other things for now. I'll jump back onboard if I'm needed again.


  1. Lovely! Thank you so very much for participating! You made so many beautiful patches! *megahug*

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  3. If there is a need for some special patches, dublicates or last minute additions, let me know.

  4. ...still just lovely! :) *sigh* :)