Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dollshouse miniature embroideries

I wanted to try making miniature textiles. This is my first try. I made three small embroideries and made them look like they would still be on emboidery hoops.

A heart
A flower
And a duck

I tried cross stitch first, as it is easy. Any suggestions what to try next? I have an idea about miniature knitting, but I have to make the knitting needles first. I'll use a pair of bigger embroidery needles and make handles for them out of polymer clay. I'll put the embroideries on E-bay to see if anyone is willing to pay for them and how much that would be. Then I just might start doing more of these.


  1. lovely! :)
    ....what about 'petit point'? :)
    good luck!

  2. Good idea. That would work better in miniature. I have never done petit point, so it did not cross my mind.