Friday, February 18, 2011

Fit for champions

This is a commission from Her Majesty Eleanora von Ratzeburg, Queen of Drachenwald. These Dancing champion badges will be attached to arm bands. They are both 10cm across and embroidered on linen with silk thread using split stitch.

Both still on the frame. (My new frame that I got from Aarnimetsä. I love it!)

A close-up of one of the dragons.

I could not keep myself from playing with the split stitch a little. It reflects light differently if worked in different angles, and it produces a subtle shading if looked from the side.

Now I'll give these to Lady Magdelena Grace Vane, who will finish the arm bands. New pictures when that is done.


  1. I have a new respect for the split stitch even as a marvel at what you have done. Lovely!

  2. Nice work when it shines reflections you can see the detail in the work. :)

  3. Thank you. Split stitch has been my stitch of choice for a long time now. It allows the finest of details and a lot of control. It's getting a little bit boring, though. I would like to learn something new for a change. I have been looking at long armed cross stitch or italian cross stitch. Those stitches are not very popular, so perhaps someone should try them?

    I have enough other projects to finish first, so that will have to wait.