Monday, June 28, 2010

Drachenwald Kingdom Wall Hanging Vol VII

I did some more of these patches. I took them with me on my holiday trip, which was a very good idea, since I would othervice have had it quite boring in the hotel when the kids were having their naps. Fortunately there was National Geographic channel and embroidery.

Here is the Shire of Turmstadt. My home shire at the moment. There is wrong information about this device in the internet. This is the design that is at the moment going through the last stages of SCA registration process. Cotton on linen, split stitch and laid work (surprize...).

And here is the Shire of Isengau. I was planning on doing it on herring bone stitch, but I ended up experimenting with my needle and the result is a net-like surface. It looks cool, but I don't know how medieval it is. Cotton on linen, stem stitch and "netting".

I'm continuing again on this project to fill in for Germany. I'll do Drei Eichen next.