Saturday, August 28, 2010

I hear bells ringing at a flea market.

Did I already mention, that I love flea markets and secondhand shops? Well, I do. I try not to buy too many things, like feast gear and the like, but sometimes there are things that scream your name so loud, that you can't leave them there.

Like those 12 rolls of linen sewing thread I bought some time ago. Or today's treasure:

They are bells. They make quite pretty and clear sound. They were not cheap, but not too expensive either. They are about 3cm across. And - There are 25 of them! Can someone say "a Belt"? Anyone? Medieval blingbling.


  1. woooohooo flea market/second hand illness - good to know that I am not alone :D ;)

  2. It seems that we have more than one hobby/obsession in common. :-D