Sunday, August 1, 2010

Drachenwald Kingdom Wall Hanging Vol VIII

This one I made a while ago, but I forgot to post about it. Here is Drei Eichen. Again it is embroidered on linen with cotton using split stitch and laid work:

I'll send all my patches to the Embroidery Guild's Mistress. If there is need for more patches, I can make them fast if asked, but othervice I'm doing something else now.


  1. It looks lovely - thank you very much :D

    Soon I will also start to work at some of the patches that still haven't found a volunteer who would like to do them...

    It would be great if we would have more artisans like you who participate in projects like this...

    Your patches are great!!! Thank you very very much!

  2. I am going to have to learn how to do such beautiful works one day.

  3. Gentle Lady,
    I realy like this patch. I see that Drei Eichen is not lost jet. I would like to see more of your work. Thanks in advance. You make an old baron heart happy. Thanks again.
    In service
    Helmut zu Juelich
    Fondingbaron Drei Eichen

  4. Dear Anonymous: Please do! I have noticed, that the skills needed with embroidery are mainly presice fingerwork and patience. Anyone can learn it with practice.

    Dear Helmut: I'm glad that you like it.