Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric hoarding

I visited Vienna last weekend. Thank you Racaire! It was lovely to see you again. We also went to see marvelous paintings in the "Gemäldegalerie der bildenden Künste Wien". There are pictures in Racaire's blog.

I had heard about this fabric store outside of Vienna and Racaire took me there to look at what they have. Or had, since I was there with our car and could do some shopping. !!! OMG! I went nuts.

This is the whole pile. Linen, wool and some cotton. Together there is at least 140 meters of fabric. I think that I don't need all of it, so if someone is interested, I can sell some of it.

Here are all the wool fabrics. The quality is lovely. Most of this is very thin and soft and ah so pretty. A couple of rolls are for my friends, and the big roll (17m) of black wool is for my hubby.
Here are the linen fabrics. Mostly brown, but so thin and fine! I still need more white linen to do some shirts and under dresses though.
These two cotton fabrics I bought for the patterns. The blue one will make a beautiful doublet for my hubby and the green one will be an overdress for me.

Now Im a lot poorer and a lot happier. This week will also see a new sewing mashine. *Smile*

And I got a beautiful needle roll from Racaire! And very tasty jams and marmelades that she had made herself. *Hugs* *Pusi* Thank you, Sweetie!

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  1. Bussi :)
    ...and I had two great days too :)
    it was great to see you again :)