Friday, October 9, 2009

Wellcome, can I offer you some coffee or tea?

We don't have any cookies though. I'm on low-carb-kosher-allergies-diet, so we will have no cakes. Sorry.

Anyway. Let me introduce myself. I live in Germany (I'm not German though.) and I have done medieval re-enactment for about fourteen years. I am interested in many kinds of hand crafts, so much so, that I know little of much and not much of anything. Well, perhaps a little bit more about medieval cooking and opus anglicanum embroidery.

I wanted to have a place to boost my self esteem by posting my work for others to see, so I changed this blog from what it previously was to my own private show room. I tend to have very high-flying ideas for hand crafts, so sometimes they will progress very slowly.

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